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Love and Tumult

Vik has just turned thirty, and after meeting with a friend, decides to make a change in his life. He takes a job as an auditor and moves to Africa. As part of his job, Vik travels to various countries in Southern Africa and meets with people affected by poverty and disease with the goal of examining whether foreign aid programs are effective. Against this backdrop, he falls for Latha. They work together and they form a relationship in the midst of a difficult assignment in Africa. This relationship eventually manifests into love and tumult.

This is a story about human relationships, discovery, and Africa. As Vic travels throughout the continent, he discovers the majesty of Africa, the beautiful landscape, the hospitality, and deeper truths about human struggles and the power of charity.

Sic Strap

Sic Strap is an allegory, political satire, drama, and comedy all mixed into one. Set in Michigan, Sic starts off as a young man destined for that American success. A college degree in hand, he sets off to Wall Street to make his mark on the world. Sic is given a business contact from his father and is assured of his own success.

But nothing comes of this opportunity, and Sic is forced to return to Michigan and pick up the pieces. He starts off working fast food and then things slowly fall apart for him. Thrown in poverty and depression, Sic embraces what he sees as the tyranny of the world that has set him up for failure.

And in a moment of desperation, Sic sets down this path that eventually leads into politics. Sic Strap is an absurd tale told in outrageous prose. If you like stories about politics and corruption, this is a story for you.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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